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Disciplinas de El Aposento Alto provee una oportunidad de ver la Escritura de una forma más profunda al ofrecer una semana de meditaciones de un solo autor sobre un tema en particular.

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How Then Shall We Live? - 7 de septiembre, 2021

7 de septiembre, 2021

Solomon personifies God’s wisdom as the discerning (and fired-up) female voice of Wisdom. She’s expressing her righteous anger that “fools” haven’t been listening. At first glance, the text is full of...

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How Then Shall We Live? - 6 de septiembre, 2021

6 de septiembre, 2021

The best storytellers know that to really get a reader’s attention, it’s smart to create a twist or come from an unexpected angle. Some of the most fun discussions I’ve had...

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The Maker of All - 5 de septiembre, 2021

5 de septiembre, 2021

There is one fact that is easy to miss in this week’s readings: Nothing is required from those who are in need. Judaism has an epochal history of advocating for the...

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The Maker of All - 4 de septiembre, 2021

4 de septiembre, 2021

In the earliest days of the 2020 coronavirus pandemic, many churches closed to protect their members and slow the spread of the disease. It was a time of danger and anxiety....

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The Maker of All - 3 de septiembre, 2021

3 de septiembre, 2021

“As coronavirus deepens inequality, inequality worsens its spread,” read the article by Max Fisher and Emma Bubola on the New York Times website on March 16, 2020. James offers a clear-eyed...

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The Maker of All - 2 de septiembre, 2021

2 de septiembre, 2021

The church I attend has a massive presence in the quiet residential neighborhood that surrounds it. Built in 1927, the brown brick building with the bulky Gothic Revival tower occupies almost...

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The Maker of All - 1 de septiembre, 2021

1 de septiembre, 2021

We don’t believe in demons these days—they are so first-century. Nor do we place much stake in contemporary miracles. Modern science and engineering have explained away ancient puzzles and given us...

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The Maker of All - 31 de agosto, 2021

31 de agosto, 2021

I administer a small neighborhood page on Facebook and keep up with another neighborhood email list. I’ve found that in the pseudo-privacy of the internet, many people openly express their deep...

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The Maker of All - 30 de agosto, 2021

30 de agosto, 2021

We met the young man when he was caught rifling through men’s lockers at the local gym. My wife, Emalie, was visiting the Y when employees brought him to the front...

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Tending the Soil of Your Heart for the Fruit of Your Life - 29 de agosto, 2021

29 de agosto, 2021

If we have been afraid to look in the mirror, Jesus holds it up for us regardless. The litany of sins in Mark 7:21-22 should make us shudder—not because they are...

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