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Disciplinas de El Aposento Alto provee una oportunidad de ver la Escritura de una forma más profunda al ofrecer una semana de meditaciones de un solo autor sobre un tema en particular.

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The Call to Trust - 8 de mayo, 2020

8 de mayo, 2020

What is the foundation of our salvation if not the lifelong realization that God is good and that in God there is nothing to fear? God’s generous offer of love, mercy,...

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The Call to Trust - 7 de mayo, 2020

7 de mayo, 2020

This passage recalls one of the fundamental challenges of Christianity: God’s relationship to human suffering. The brutal murder of Stephen at the feet of Saul reminds us that following Christ is...

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The Call to Trust - 6 de mayo, 2020

6 de mayo, 2020

One of the most repeated statements in the Bible is the call not to be afraid. Yet amid life’s many challenges, we often struggle to heed this call. Jesus knows the...

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The Call to Trust - 5 de mayo, 2020

5 de mayo, 2020

The disciples long to see the Father; yet they have had Jesus right in front of them the whole time. We might sigh in disbelief at the disciples’ seeming cluelessness. However,...

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The Call to Trust - 4 de mayo, 2020

4 de mayo, 2020

Trusting God during times of trouble can be challenging. Even more challenging, perhaps, is trusting God while in fear of trouble to come. So often, our biggest fears are lived out...

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Holy Paradox - 3 de mayo, 2020

3 de mayo, 2020

For those who sing the glories of “the land of the free and the home of the brave,” of the “strong and free,” the words of today’s reading may ring hollow....

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Holy Paradox - 2 de mayo, 2020

2 de mayo, 2020

The artist looks at his work with pride: It appears to be perfect in every way. He summons the teacher for an opinion. Inclined to encourage young artists, she gingerly opines,...

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Holy Paradox - 1 de mayo, 2020

1 de mayo, 2020

We are a people of the bottom line. Cut to the chase! Close the question! We want answers. Who likes living with loose ends? Who has the time or the patience...

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Holy Paradox - 30 de abril, 2020

30 de abril, 2020

Sheep have gotten a bum rap. Sometimes they are called “range maggots.” Or “woolly locusts.” Many consider sheep stupid. Without a shepherd, sheep usually cannot find pasture. They get lost and...

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Holy Paradox - 29 de abril, 2020

29 de abril, 2020

Donegal is the northwestern-most county in Ireland. People from other parts of the country speak of Donegal as the hinterland, the wilds. It is the financially poorest of the twenty-six counties...

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