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Disciplinas de El Aposento Alto provee una oportunidad de ver la Escritura de una forma más profunda al ofrecer una semana de meditaciones de un solo autor sobre un tema en particular.

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Repairing the Story - 9 de septiembre, 2020

9 de septiembre, 2020

Psalm 114 is a praise song of remembrance to be sung at Passover. Passover itself is a festival of lived remembrance, embodied for several days. This holy day is memory experienced...

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Repairing the Story - 8 de septiembre, 2020

8 de septiembre, 2020

The fleeing Israelites praise, dance, and sing as the waters close behind them and rescue them from the pursuit of soldiers intent on re-enslaving them. Many of us have a story...

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Repairing the Story - 7 de septiembre, 2020

7 de septiembre, 2020

A few hardy souls live year-round on an island in Lake Superior. It is often icebound in the northern hemisphere winter. When the ferry boat can no longer push through the...

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Remember! - 6 de septiembre, 2020

6 de septiembre, 2020

This week’s scripture lessons have focused on the importance of remembering God’s gracious acts in Jesus Christ; our need to praise God, to have a sword with two mouths, and to...

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Remember! - 5 de septiembre, 2020

5 de septiembre, 2020

As Christians we are called to be reconciled to one another. This issue is very real in most of our Christian fellowships. What am I to do if a sister or...

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Remember! - 4 de septiembre, 2020

4 de septiembre, 2020

Paul believes that Christ will return before he dies. He urges Christ’s followers to remember “what time it is.” Two thousand years later, we are not so certain that Christ’s return...

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Remember! - 3 de septiembre, 2020

3 de septiembre, 2020

Paul reminds us that love is central to our lives as Christians. We are to “owe no one anything, except to love one another.” He reminds us that love is the...

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Remember! - 2 de septiembre, 2020

2 de septiembre, 2020

The second half of our psalm takes a sharp turn from praising God with a new song and dancing to executing vengeance, punishment, and judgment. Verse 6 tells us to have...

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Remember! - 1 de septiembre, 2020

1 de septiembre, 2020

The psalmist calls the Israelites to learn a new song. They are very familiar with the songs of sorrow and suffering. But the psalmist reminds them that as “children of Zion”...

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Remember! - 31 de agosto, 2020

31 de agosto, 2020

A professor of mine liked to tell the story of his first blind date. He said as they left the house the mother said to her daughter, “Now remember who you...

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