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Disciplinas de El Aposento Alto provee una oportunidad de ver la Escritura de una forma más profunda al ofrecer una semana de meditaciones de un solo autor sobre un tema en particular.

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Time for a Change - 11 de noviembre, 2022

11 de noviembre, 2022

When I was growing up, I spent my summers on what we called my grandmother’s “farm,” but it was actually her orchard because she had sold off most of her land...

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Time for a Change - 10 de noviembre, 2022

10 de noviembre, 2022

How often do we feel hopeful after checking the news? Natural and human-made disasters, disease and pandemics, wars and the threats of violence, climate change and ecological crises, crime in the...

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Time for a Change - 9 de noviembre, 2022

9 de noviembre, 2022

I once overheard the following from a woman in a restaurant. “I would like the Eggs Benedict, but I don’t really like ham, so if you wouldn’t mind, I think I...

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Time for a Change - 8 de noviembre, 2022

8 de noviembre, 2022

My third-grade Sunday school teacher was a dedicated but scary woman named Miss Hack. She spent most of her time putting the fear of God—instead of the love of God—into her...

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Time for a Change - 7 de noviembre, 2022

7 de noviembre, 2022

The reality of a personal form of bondage came to me a few years ago when aggressive arthritis destroyed both my hips, leaving me on crutches for more than a year...

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This Is the Day - 6 de noviembre, 2022

6 de noviembre, 2022

I’m writing this during the pandemic of 2020. There are plenty of predictions about what is going to happen, but you readers will have a much better perspective on all of...

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This Is the Day - 5 de noviembre, 2022

5 de noviembre, 2022

“We’ve never done it that way.” It’s a threat, or so it feels to many church leaders. Or it’s a warning or an incantation against change of any sort. Some have...

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This Is the Day - 4 de noviembre, 2022

4 de noviembre, 2022

I remember that day more than forty-two years ago when I stood before God and everybody and made promises that were impossible to keep. Oh, I didn’t think so at the...

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This Is the Day - 3 de noviembre, 2022

3 de noviembre, 2022

Waiting is always hard. You can smell those cookies baking. You watch the clock hands move. And it seems interminable. So you try to hurry it along. You open the oven...

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This Is the Day - 2 de noviembre, 2022

2 de noviembre, 2022

Every day I will bless the Lord. Every day? Yes, every day. What about the days I regret, the days when everything goes wrong, when I make bad choices or fall...

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