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Disciplinas de El Aposento Alto provee una oportunidad de ver la Escritura de una forma más profunda al ofrecer una semana de meditaciones de un solo autor sobre un tema en particular.

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The Embodiment of Faith - 5 de septiembre, 2023

5 de septiembre, 2023

Even great singers have performance anxiety sometimes. Behind the safety of the walls of a studio, their voices are unhindered and soar with melody and harmony. But when the crowds show...

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The Embodiment of Faith - 4 de septiembre, 2023

4 de septiembre, 2023

Every year I find myself experiencing moments of passing: seasons, loved ones, celestial bodies, relationships. Marking these moments has manifested in the literal marking of my own body. Tattoos are sprinkled...

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Trust in Action - 3 de septiembre, 2023

3 de septiembre, 2023

Sunday is for joy! This passage tells us to praise God by remembering all the things God has done. The psalm recalls specific stories in detail so that their memory continues...

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Trust in Action - 2 de septiembre, 2023

2 de septiembre, 2023

“Bless those who persecute you.” The Common English Bible translation says, “those who harass you.” In our day-to-day lives we might recognize feeling harassed. Blessing others while being harassed by them...

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Trust in Action - 1 de septiembre, 2023

1 de septiembre, 2023

In today’s reading, it sounds as though the apostle Paul is setting high expectations for what members of the body of Christ should strive to do daily as we live our...

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Trust in Action - 31 de agosto, 2023

31 de agosto, 2023

Moses has placed himself at the edge of a wilderness that was also the edge of the holy mountain—both places where one might meet God. But that doesn’t mean that Moses...

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Trust in Action - 30 de agosto, 2023

30 de agosto, 2023

Jesus says, “If any want to become my followers, let them deny themselves and take up their cross and follow me.” It is easy to minimize or trivialize this invitation, as...

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Trust in Action - 29 de agosto, 2023

29 de agosto, 2023

These verses are a major turning point in Matthew’s account of Jesus. They are sandwiched between two statements that Jesus is in fact the Messiah. Just before it, his disciples say...

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Trust in Action - 28 de agosto, 2023

28 de agosto, 2023

When Moses took his flock beyond the wilderness and came to Horeb, the mountain of God, he had come to a location between two places where people have been known to...

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Claim God’s Deliverance - 27 de agosto, 2023

27 de agosto, 2023

Those who are in bondage long for deliverance. Our bondage can be emotional, relational, physical, or spiritual. Jesus once asked his disciples who people said he was. Their answers included John...

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