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Disciplinas de El Aposento Alto provee una oportunidad de ver la Escritura de una forma más profunda al ofrecer una semana de meditaciones de un solo autor sobre un tema en particular.

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Empowered by the Spirit - 18 de mayo, 2020

18 de mayo, 2020

In the Psalms, as in the Beatitudes, the righteous are promised joy. Yet we know from our own and others’ lives that such a promise is no formula. Godly people suffer,...

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Becoming Who You Are - 17 de mayo, 2020

17 de mayo, 2020

Earlier in this week, we noted that Paul preaches to the Athenians to help them understand that God is transcendently close. That’s good news. In this passage, Jesus is addressing his...

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Becoming Who You Are - 16 de mayo, 2020

16 de mayo, 2020

A year after taking a position as a seminary professor, I discovered the secret fame of one of my colleagues. For years, the hymn “Child of Blessing, Child of Promise” (umh,...

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Becoming Who You Are - 15 de mayo, 2020

15 de mayo, 2020

I was asked to lead the youth group in a lesson about Daniel, who persevered in the ways of God and faced the lions for it. Maybe Peter has Daniel in...

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Becoming Who You Are - 14 de mayo, 2020

14 de mayo, 2020

When God called me to be a preacher, God used Psalm 40. I was still in high school, and when I read the beginning verses about God leaning down and lifting...

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Becoming Who You Are - 13 de mayo, 2020

13 de mayo, 2020

My wife has been hospitalized twice recently with a respiratory infection that makes it hard for her to breathe. How glad I was this week when she reported how much better...

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Becoming Who You Are - 12 de mayo, 2020

12 de mayo, 2020

I had a disagreement with a theologian after a sermon I preached. This seminary professor questioned my use of the phrase “children of God” to refer to all human beings. “Through...

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Becoming Who You Are - 11 de mayo, 2020

11 de mayo, 2020

A basic tenet of the Christian faith is God’s transcendence. God is utterly different from creation, a truth attested in many great hymns like “Holy, Holy, Holy” and “Immortal, Invisible, God...

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The Call to Trust - 10 de mayo, 2020

10 de mayo, 2020

Babies are born with many instincts that aid their survival. One of the most remarkable abilities is their instinctive movement toward their mother’s breast immediately after birth. When placed on their...

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The Call to Trust - 9 de mayo, 2020

9 de mayo, 2020

Stephen is a simple man with real fears and doubts, living in a specific historical context, who responds to the events of his life with faith, love, and compassion. Stephen’s life...

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