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Disciplinas de El Aposento Alto provee una oportunidad de ver la Escritura de una forma más profunda al ofrecer una semana de meditaciones de un solo autor sobre un tema en particular.

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God's Story of Abundant Life - 22 de septiembre, 2022

22 de septiembre, 2022

Jesus offers a rare and shocking picture of God’s keeping score with Lazarus and the rich man. Jesus usually presents God as generous and forgiving. Just one chapter earlier (see Luke...

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God's Story of Abundant Life - 21 de septiembre, 2022

21 de septiembre, 2022

God asks Jeremiah to do this seemingly crazy thing—buy property in a land that is being conquered by a foreign enemy. Just as his people are taken captive into Babylon, Jeremiah...

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God's Story of Abundant Life - 20 de septiembre, 2022

20 de septiembre, 2022

The story of Lazarus and the rich man is a warning about getting so caught up in our own ideas of success that we miss out on the real story of...

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God's Story of Abundant Life - 19 de septiembre, 2022

19 de septiembre, 2022

The world as the Israelites knew it is ending. With an enemy army moving in on Jerusalem, it is clear that Judah is lost to this foreign, conquering power. Their families,...

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God’s Community - 18 de septiembre, 2022

18 de septiembre, 2022

These philosophical observations from Jesus come as a summary to his unusual and confusing parable about the Rich Man and the Dishonest Manager. The first few verses are as confusing as...

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God’s Community - 17 de septiembre, 2022

17 de septiembre, 2022

This strange parable seems on its surface to be about the morality of money, but deeper examination points to Jesus’ countercultural vision for human relationship and community. The framing of this...

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God’s Community - 16 de septiembre, 2022

16 de septiembre, 2022

Though this passage begins with an exhortation about the importance of praying for our worldly leaders, the author quickly shifts away from earthly authority to true divine authority. The author asserts...

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God’s Community - 15 de septiembre, 2022

15 de septiembre, 2022

The author of First Timothy first urges that prayers, supplications, thanksgivings, and intercessions be made for everyone, but then he singles out one particular group: kings and all who are in...

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God’s Community - 14 de septiembre, 2022

14 de septiembre, 2022

The world seems more divided than ever. Pundits argue on news networks, politicians pit themselves against one another, people attack one another on social media. Even families find themselves at odds....

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God’s Community - 13 de septiembre, 2022

13 de septiembre, 2022

Jeremiah reaches out for refuge in God as his people suffer. Jeremiah trusts, even as he is filled with questions, that God is listening and that God cares. The prophet offers...

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