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Disciplinas de El Aposento Alto provee una oportunidad de ver la Escritura de una forma más profunda al ofrecer una semana de meditaciones de un solo autor sobre un tema en particular.

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Jesus and Life Together - 24 de mayo, 2022

24 de mayo, 2022

Yesterday we read about how salvation disturbs unjust economic systems. Today the story continues, and we learn that salvation also disrupts unjust power dynamics. Paul and Silas are thrown in jail....

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Jesus and Life Together - 23 de mayo, 2022

23 de mayo, 2022

In our story today, Paul and Silas encounter an enslaved girl who has a “spirit of divination” that is making her owners a lot of money. The spirit in her would...

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Transformative Blessings - 22 de mayo, 2022

22 de mayo, 2022

Scholars call the book of Revelation a work of apocalyptic literature. It is not the genre of zombie wastelands but—from the Greek—the genre of “uncovering.” Revelation works to reveal the truth...

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Transformative Blessings - 21 de mayo, 2022

21 de mayo, 2022

Water is essential to embodied life: Not only are human beings 60 percent water, but we last only three days without drinking it. For those who lived in the semi-arid world...

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Transformative Blessings - 20 de mayo, 2022

20 de mayo, 2022

It appears that Lydia was an immigrant and former slave. To begin with, she shared her name with a region of Asia Minor known for her occupation: the production of purple...

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Transformative Blessings - 19 de mayo, 2022

19 de mayo, 2022

We jump into the Acts narrative shortly after the Council of Jerusalem where, guided by the Holy Spirit, the early church agrees to include Gentiles in its community of Jewish Christians...

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Transformative Blessings - 18 de mayo, 2022

18 de mayo, 2022

While John 14 graces us with a blessing of peace, it also holds us accountable. Before Jesus speaks of peace, before he promises the Spirit, he reminds his followers that truly...

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Transformative Blessings - 17 de mayo, 2022

17 de mayo, 2022

As someone intimately familiar with anxiety, I always feel a bit defensive when it comes to Bible passages like John 14. They remind me of how scripture has been weaponized to...

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Transformative Blessings - 16 de mayo, 2022

16 de mayo, 2022

One of my earliest memories from the church is the pastor standing in front of the congregation in his black preaching robe, billowing sleeves swaying beneath his extended arms, reciting the...

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