The Gospel of John is more interested in revealing the identity of Jesus than in telling miracle stories. While extraordinary events occur in John’s telling of Jesus’ story, the primary focus is on the clear presentation of Jesus as the Son of God. The signs tell the story and identify the primary character, Jesus.

Seven signs, or miracles, dot this powerful story. Jesus turns water into wine (1:11), heals a royal official’s son (4:46-54), heals a paralytic (5:1-5), feeds five thousand people (6:5-14), walks on water (6:16-24), heals a man blind from birth (9:1-12), and raises Lazarus from the dead (11:1-45). Powerful stories of a powerful leader. In Mark’s Gospel, Jesus incurs resistance for performing such wonders and miracles. In John’s Gospel, the primary emphasis is not on the elements of the stupendous feats or miraculous spectacles. Its singular focus is to reveal the Christ, who is the Light of the world. The clearer the revelation of Jesus’ identity, the more resistance incurred. The more resistance, the closer Jesus comes to his own death and resurrection.

Turning water into wine is just the “beginning of the signs” (kjv)—just the beginning of understanding who Jesus is. Where do you begin to understand Jesus Christ? We all have a starting point. Maybe in the Sunday school room as a child, maybe in an evangelistic meeting, maybe in your own study or place of prayer, maybe in the woods or a special place in nature. Wherever you see Christ for the first time, for the fifty-first time, or even for the one thousandth time, God is revealing God’s self to you.

Be on the lookout today. For God will be showing something to you. Listen for God.

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Leer John 2:1-11

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Leccionario Semanal
January 14–20, 2019
Resumen de la Escritura

Popular conceptions of God sometimes mislead us. Messages coming even from within Christianity sometimes make us think that God is constantly angry, just waiting for us to slip up. This week’s readings remind us of the truth. Isaiah teaches us that God delights in God’s people just as a groom delights in his bride. This love, the psalmist proclaims, is steadfast and never-ending. The life of Jesus shows us that God even wants us to have a good time in this life. Jesus chooses a wedding as the place to perform his first sign. He multiplies the wine in order to multiply the enjoyment of the guests. Paul in First Corinthians speaks of spiritual gifts. These gifts are all given by God for the good of the entire community.

Preguntas para la reflexión

Read Isaiah 62:1-5. Recall a time when you have flourished and a time when your life was far from peace and order. How did you feel God’s delight in each situation?
Read Psalm 36:5-10. When have you felt God’s light, been quenched by the fountain of life, or taken refuge in the shadow of God’s wings?
Read 1 Corinthians 12:1-11. How can you use your God-given gifts to complement others’ and to support the common good?
Read John 2:1-11. How do Jesus’ miracles help you to understand his identity as the Son of God?

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