God’s new creation does not begin in some random, unfocused manner. The new creation shows God’s promise and purpose. God promises that all people will be blessed through the descendants of Abraham and Sarah. At Pentecost, God enters creation where those descendants gather to praise God and give thanks. The people who gathered on that day represented the extent of the Roman world. The nations and peoples are named in a grand, rolling account of the world. There, with the nations gathered in the midst of Israel, the new creation begins. God promises that blessings will spread like waves over the entire world beginning with the covenant people.
God’s purpose is seen with the new creation beginning in Jerusalem. God’s purpose is for a restoration of Eden; for healing of all hurts, reconciling all broken relations, restoring the world. In accord with God’s purpose, the waves of the new creation wash over the entire world. Unlike a stone in a lake, the waves that spread out from Jerusalem will reach every person and every place on earth. This is part of the meaning behind the divine promise to Abraham that his children will be as numerous as the stars. All humanity is to be gathered up in the grace-filled waves that move out in ever-widening circles. No one is left out or left behind. As the new creation reaches the entire cosmos, we proclaim with joy, “Everyone who calls on the name of the Lord shall be saved.”
The new creation begins not in a vague sometime or somewhere; it begins with purpose. The Holy Spirit begins a new creation here and now, in you, just as God promised.

Gracious God, root me in the long story of the people of faith and set before me a vision of the even greater story to unfold. Amen.

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