Listening for God

27 de septiembre, 2017 por Marti Williams-Martin

When Navy Reservist Will Moynahan wrote a meditation for The Upper Room daily devotional guide, he did not know he would be called to active duty by the time his words were published. While he prepared for a year-long deployment to Djibouti, Africa, far from his wife and two small daughters, Will’s meditation encouraged millions of readers, including thousands in uniform, to listen for God.

“I serve as an instructor pilot in the United States Navy Reserve and teach students to fly complex jet aircraft that travel at high speeds. One of the areas in which student pilots encounter difficulty is in learning to listen effectively and understand critical radio communications . . . The challenges faced by my students are not unlike those that we face as Christians trying to carry out God’s will. We might be eager and determined to follow God’s plan in our lives, but too often we neglect to work on our listening skills. Fortunately, like my students, we have the ability to become better listeners. Training our ears through regular study of the Bible and faithful participation in worship makes it easier to understand the communications God is sending us.” (The Upper Room, October 13, 2016)

Will opened his first copy of The Upper Room over fifteen years ago. After joining the U.S. Navy, he began a practice of reading and praying with our global community each day. Today, as Will serves in the Navy Reserve, the little magazine remains part of his daily routine.

“Through the years, The Upper Room has been a constant blessing, on joyful days and in times of sorrow,” he says. “I am half-way through my current deployment, and once again the devotional guide has proven to be a continuous source of strength.”

Will’s testimony reminds me of the important role of our Chaplains’ Ministry, which distributes over 45,000 copies of each issue of the daily devotional guide to military and prison chaplains who use them in their ministries. Donors to The Upper Room Chaplains’ Ministry make this possible.

People like you help us invite men and women in uniform—and individuals serving time behind bars—to listen for God, to pray, and to connect with God and community.

Your help is needed to send copies of the devotional to our chaplains serving here and abroad. A gift of $42 provides a one-year subscription of ten copies of The Upper Room daily devotional for one chaplain. A gift of any amount makes a big impact. Can we count on you? 

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