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Disciplinas de El Aposento Alto provee una oportunidad de ver la Escritura de una forma más profunda al ofrecer una semana de meditaciones de un solo autor sobre un tema en particular.

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Saying Yes to Life - 9 de febrero, 2017

9 de febrero, 2017

As Jesus continues expanding on the law of Moses as a way of life, a little cultural background is in order. Jesus’ society and culture defined adultery as the male of...

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Saying Yes to Life - 8 de febrero, 2017

8 de febrero, 2017

Matthew’s Gospel portrays Jesus as the new Moses, bringing God’s law and leading God’s people into freedom. Nowhere is the parallel more apparent than in the readings for the next two...

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Saying Yes to Life - 7 de febrero, 2017

7 de febrero, 2017

We live in a culture that celebrates choice. We have a vast number of options for what airline to fly, what cell phone carrier to use, what side we’d like with...

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Saying Yes to Life - 6 de febrero, 2017

6 de febrero, 2017

For generations in Egypt, a small but growing group called the Hebrews lived in slavery, brutally oppressed by the powerful Pharaoh. Their circumstances changed when God led them out of Egypt...

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Walking in the Light - 5 de febrero, 2017

5 de febrero, 2017

Today’s passage helps us understand qualities of discipleship and puts forth two images for Christian community: salt and light. Salt is an amazing ingredient that flavors and preserves. Yet, when “salt...

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Walking in the Light - 4 de febrero, 2017

4 de febrero, 2017

I heard a story about Mother Teresa when she was beginning her ministry to the poor and dying in Calcutta, India. She had taken a plate of food to a woman...

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Walking in the Light - 3 de febrero, 2017

3 de febrero, 2017

In many of his letters, Paul enumerates a list of the gifts the Holy Spirit bestows on those who follow Christ. His concern for the churches he founded and supported through...

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Walking in the Light - 2 de febrero, 2017

2 de febrero, 2017

Many years ago I studied Anglican spirituality at Canterbury Cathedral in England. The first night the dean of that church introduced participants to the program with a candlelight pilgrimage through the...

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Walking in the Light - 1 de febrero, 2017

1 de febrero, 2017

Paul proclaims “God’s wisdom, secret and hidden.” The light of Christ that blinded him on the road to Damascus has filled his heart and mind. Freed from his blindness, he receives...

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Walking in the Light - 31 de enero, 2017

31 de enero, 2017

In some parts of the world, Christians practice evangelism by sending a young Christian couple to a village to live and work. The couple begins their family and lives faithfully day...

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