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Disciplinas de El Aposento Alto provee una oportunidad de ver la Escritura de una forma más profunda al ofrecer una semana de meditaciones de un solo autor sobre un tema en particular.

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God on the Margins - 27 de agosto, 2016

27 de agosto, 2016

Proper channels can obstruct kingdom work. While they can provide the needed skeleton for ministry development, they can also be a spiderweb of hierarchical committees that drain the passion from those...

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God on the Margins - 26 de agosto, 2016

26 de agosto, 2016

Practicing hospitality—being a selfless host, providing a place of comfort and safety—is foundational to our ancestral heritage. God’s word, “I will never leave you or forsake you,” provides a beautiful reminder...

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God on the Margins - 25 de agosto, 2016

25 de agosto, 2016

The story of entertaining angels points to a God who shows up in all bodies, especially in the unlikely ones. Jesus taught that when his disciples cared for the most vulnerable,...

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God on the Margins - 24 de agosto, 2016

24 de agosto, 2016

The psalms, like the music of our great spiritual songwriters, give poetry and rhythm to the history of God active in the world. The cadence of the psalm serves as the...

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God on the Margins - 23 de agosto, 2016

23 de agosto, 2016

My husband and I felt a clear call to leave our church positions, come out of our Egypt of isolation, and live in a neighborhood-based community. We wanted to find the...

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God on the Margins - 22 de agosto, 2016

22 de agosto, 2016

From the moment the people of Israel struck a covenant with God, they began looking elsewhere for their sustenance. The prophet Jeremiah points out this reality and invites God’s people to...

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Faith or Fear—Our Choice - 21 de agosto, 2016

21 de agosto, 2016

When visiting relatives, I went to the public library to do some work. I failed to notice a sign that restricted parking and pulled into a parking space provided for those...

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Faith or Fear—Our Choice - 20 de agosto, 2016

20 de agosto, 2016

Pain not only hurts, but it colors our view of the world; it slows us down and changes the way we participate in life. I have been troubled with occasional lower...

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Faith or Fear—Our Choice - 19 de agosto, 2016

19 de agosto, 2016

Apocalyptic language such as this tends to divide the Christian community. It need not do so. Written in times when it was dangerous to be a follower of Christ, such symbolic...

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Faith or Fear—Our Choice - 18 de agosto, 2016

18 de agosto, 2016

So many things are changing and impermanent in our world that we look for something that is certain and unchanging. Perhaps that is why we like to speak of God as...

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