The last two days we have concentrated on Hannah in her agony. In today’s reading we see Hannah in her glory! She praises God for answering her prayers, recognizes God’s faithfulness, and honors her promise, even though it must have cost her dearly to see Samuel go. Hannah was faithful to give credit where credit was due; the Lord received her praise and honor. For ten verses Hannah, by the Holy Spirit, recognizes the power of God to deliver, strengthen, judge, and provide. She recognizes God’s ability to raise up or put down all earthly matters, including life itself.

Hannah is in a position to mourn in First Samuel, chapter 2. After all, she had just delivered her long-desired son to Eli at the Temple. Instead of grieving the loss of the boy she loves so well and for whom she prayed for so long, she perseveres in praising God for giving Samuel to her in the first place.

Think back to our story of the expedition of the Endurance. After the crew was rescued from their two-year ordeal, they were hailed as heroes. Some of the crew members published memoirs of their journey; some were in demand as speakers. Some of the crew joined other polar expeditions, and some served in World War I. I’m sure they all faced other trials in their lives after the Endurance; but I think, like Hannah, they would remember for the rest of their lives their life’s greatest deliverance.

Reflect today on the great deliverance we have received in Christ from eternal separation from God our Maker. When we repent of our sin and recognize our need for a Savior, we can receive him along with help for the present and eternal life. Remembering the miraculous redemption that is ours in Christ, let’s faithfully offer our praise every day.

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Leer Mark 13:1-8

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Leccionario Semanal
November 8–14, 2021
Resumen de la Escritura

The inability to have a child brings pain to many today, and this was equally true in ancient times. In that context it was sometimes even worse, for Peninnah openly ridicules Hannah for being unable to conceive. But as a result of Hannah's desperate, heartfelt prayer, God blesses her with a son, Samuel, who will become a powerful prophet. Hannah then rejoices in a God who exalts the poor and needy. Hannah provides an example of the boldness with which we also can approach God now because of Christ’s sacrifice. The destruction of Jerusalem is the focus of the passage in Mark. Jesus here predicts the demolition of the Temple and the city, which the Romans executed in 70 ce.

Preguntas para la reflexión

Read 1 Samuel 1:4-20. How do you persist in prayer when your prayer seems unanswered for a long time?
Read 1 Samuel 2:1-10. How do you express your joy and thanks when God answers your prayer?
Read Hebrews 10:11-25. What helps you to persevere in the practice of your faith?
Read Mark 13:1-8. What signs make you anxious about the future? What helps you to hold on to hope?

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