Construction sites interest me. I like them so much that they become tourist attractions to friends and family who visit me from Brazil. There are several stages in the home-building process. The foundation always comes before the roof goes up. Plumbers, masons, and electricians all help build the homes we admire so much. In the same way, apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors, and teachers help build the body of Christ. Each one of these gifted people is important and necessary to equip us for the work God gave us. When I was a child growing up in Brazil, my Sunday school teachers laid a strong foundation of Bible knowledge. Each Bible story and song taught me about God’s love and helped build my faith. We would learn a new Bible story and talk about how to apply the truth of scripture to our lives.
I see those years as the foundation stage of my faith. As an adult, I still rely on spiritual leaders to help me continue building on my childhood foundation. Because the foundation has already been laid, I can go on to different stages in my faith-building process. Just as building a home takes time and many stages, so does building a disciple of Christ. God provides people who help us grow in the knowledge of God in each stage of discipleship. I am grateful for those who equip us with what we need in each stage of our faith-building process so the truth of God’s word will be evident in our lives.

Today, O God, we remember those who work diligently to fill our lives with your goodness. Bless them and fill them as they pour out the wisdom and love you have given them. Help us share your love with others, as well. Amen.

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Leer John 6:24-35

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Leccionario Semanal
July 30 – August 5, 2018
Resumen de la Escritura

David thinks he has gotten away with adultery and murder, but God sends Nathan to tell David a story. The story angers David, but Nathan reveals that the story is really about David’s own sin. Indeed, it can be tempting to condemn others’ sin, while we justify our own sin. Psalm 51 is David’s appeal to God for forgiveness and restoration. If we want to please God in our own lives, what does this look like? Ephesians tells us that the signs of a redeemed life include humility, love, patience, and building up one another (the opposite of what David displayed). In John, Jesus has crowds following him because they want a free meal. The lasting nourishment they truly need, Jesus teaches, comes through believing that God has sent him.

Preguntas para la reflexión

• Read 2 Samuel 11:26–12:13a. The Lord has put away your sins. How has God’s forgiveness changed your life?
• Read Psalm 51:1-12. When have you felt “unclean” before God? How did God restore you?
• Read Ephesians 4:1-16. Who has been essential in your walk with Christ?
• Read John 6:24-35. God’s presence in our lives is as important as food. How do you feed your soul?

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