My youth minister strummed his guitar and sang his own lyrics, “The sun burst orange-yellow-red, lighting caverns in my head.” When I watch sunrises and sunsets those words often slip into my mind and aid my wonder. They have also snuck up on me today as I have meditated on the “manifold wisdom” (v. 10, niv) of God. The word translated “manifold” is used only here in the Greek New Testament and can be defined as variegated or many-colored.
Paul notes that “the mystery” revealed to him is now revealed to holy apostles and prophets—those who proclaim God’s word. So let the word go forth: In God’s wisdom, Jews and Gentiles are now unified in one body with Christ. The church in its proclamation makes God’s wisdom known. We become part of a local, global, and even cosmic witness to God’s glory.
As we find ourselves forgiven through Christ, we receive free and confident access to God here—now and forever. Through Jesus Christ, we “have access to God in boldness and confidence through faith in him.” In boldness we speak without regard to consequences, and we draw near to God through Jesus Christ. We become God’s wisdom for those whom we can see, as well as for those whom we will never see on this side of the veil. Our relationship with God through Christ rearranges and recreates our world. As we live out God’s message, the sun bursts orange-yellow-red while the blues, greens, indigos, and violets dance on the universal stage through our witness and reveal God’s wisdom for all creation.
May we both be and see the provision of God’s manifold wisdom.

How has God used you to show divine wisdom to others?

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Leer Matthew 2:1-12

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Leccionario Semanal
December 26–31, 2016
Resumen de la Escritura

Isaiah 60:1-6 recalls the coming of God into the world as a brilliant light. That light carries with it the power to transform Israel so that those outside Israel are drawn to her light. Ephesians 3:1-12 points out God’s mysterious inclusion of the Gentiles among God’s people. The gift of light carries with it the obligation to accept and proclaim the inclusion of all out- siders. The psalm and Gospel passages draw on imagery of the king and his enthronement. For the psalmist, the king’s power and longevity must serve the purpose of the people’s good. The magi in Matthew are drawn by the light that marks the infant king’s birth and thus begin the process of outsiders who see in the gospel the mystery of salvation.

Preguntas para la reflexión

• Read Psalm 72:1-7; 10-14. How should we pray for our world’s leaders? What is our responsibility in working for justice and righteousness in our world today?
• Read Isaiah 60:1-6. Where have you seen evidence of God’s presence? How has God used you as a light to dispel dark- ness?
• Read Matthew 2:1-12. How do you respond when people ask you spiritual questions? In what ways have you sought the Lord and been sensitive to God’s guidance?
• Read Ephesians 3:1-12. How has God blessed you beyond your perceived boundaries?

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