The first few times I read Galatians, I actually missed how upset Paul is at the beginning of the letter. I breezed right through the sarcasm in verse 6 and the strong language that rejects the possibility of a different gospel being valid in verses 8 and 9. Paul believes that any corruption of the gospel message will cause deterioration in both the message and what following that message looks like.
Look at verse 6 again: “I am astonished that you are so quickly deserting the one who called you by the grace of Christ and are turning to a different gospel.” He asserts the true gospel and reminds the Galatians of the authority of his preaching. His gospel is not of mortal but of divine origin.
Paul cares about what the Galatians believe because he knows that belief leads to action. The gospel involves a way of life. If we change the message, the life of a follower of that gospel message will also change.
Did you notice the recurrent theme in this week’s readings? Again and again they call for recognition of the uniqueness of God. This God calls people to decide to whom or to what they will give their lives.
When we recognize who God is and what God has done, the only appropriate response is to give ourselves completely to the Lord, to submit to God’s reign. What parts of your life are not in sync with God’s will?
Perhaps today is the day to confess these areas of disobedience. Ask for God’s help in bringing all of yourself into the reign ushered in by the resurrection of Jesus Christ and sustained by the Holy Spirit.

Lord, forgive me of my disobedience and my desire to be lord of my own life. Help me turn completely to you and your will for my life. Lead me to rejoice in the joy and freedom of your salvation. Amen.

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