Listen to Wisdom as she tells the story of God’s ordering work at the beginning of time:
What she saw
when there was not yet depth or height or light
What she heard
when God described to the wild water its boundaries
What she smelled
when the dark, rich soil was molded with clay into earth
How she laughed
when fresh springs first gurgled and splashed to form streams
How she thrilled
when she saw the new mountains scrape the tender belly of the sky.
Listen to Wisdom as she tells of her role in those first, holy moments of designing life:
The masterful artistry
with which she speckled the cheetah and Dalmatian and eagle ray
The deft engineering
she brought to the structure of the sequoia and the spider web
The ethereal lullaby
she sang to the Pleiades and whistled through the Black Hills
The joyful dance
with which she skipped across the plains and the tundra
The continual applause
with which she celebrated and delighted God through it all.
Listen to Wisdom as she calls at the crossroads, “See this life! Come with understanding!”

I delight in you, O God! I smile as I recognize you blazing in the noonday sun, scampering with the squirrel, clapping with the trees, and winking with the stars. How delightful you are, O God, in all of life! Amen.

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