If you have ever dropped a rock in water, you know what happens. The impact creates changes. Ripples spread out from the point of contact. Many factors determine the size, extent, and duration of the ripples. Imagine what could happen if all the created order were impacted by a reality greater even than creation. How far from the point of impact would the effect be felt? We don’t have to imagine. We know. We know because of Pentecost. The reality that entered the world that day is the Holy Spirit.
On the day of Pentecost, the Holy Spirit entered the world in a new way and began a new creation. Greater than the whole of creation, timeless and eternal, powerful enough to spread the skies with the stars and the oceans with countless schools of fish, loving enough to lead us through Exodus and out of Exile, confident enough to come to us as a newborn baby, God comes with infinite love and compassion to birth the new creation. This is the size and force of the reality that entered our world at Pentecost.
We see the ripple effect immediately. The words for wind and breath and Spirit are all the same in the Bible. So the wind that sweeps the disciples out of hiding and into the public is the Holy Spirit, moving them and moving in them. The curse of Babel is reversed. Everyone can understand God’s word once more. The new beginning is announced with creative power. The ripples spread from Jerusalem, Samaria, and Judea to the ends of the earth. They spread still today. Spirit-bearing waves sweep away human failing and timidity and wash creation in the baptismal waters of new birth.

Creating God, wash me anew in the power of your Spirit that I may continue in your work of restoring creation. Amen.

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