Tomorrow’s passage from Luke 24 is the last of Luke’s Gospel; the reading today is the last in the book of Revelation. Both passages focus on ending and beginning. The Common English Bible titles today’s passage “Jesus is coming soon”; the New Revised Standard Version calls it “Epilogue and Benediction.”
The speaker in verses 12-14 paints a lush, bright, eternal picture of what is coming—a repayment or blessing for the faithful. The faithful are those who have followed God’s commandments, being devoted witnesses regardless of temptations. They will have access to the tree of life and enter the city through the gates.
Jesus identifies himself as the speaker in verse 16. He is the sender of an angel with these words for the churches. He is of David’s lineage and the star that heralds the beginning of the day. Responding, the Spirit and the bride implore Jesus to come and invite others to add their voices as well. Those who are thirsty—who want what has been promised—are to come and drink of the water of life. A liturgical response and a benediction follow the words “Surely I am coming soon.”
Read this passage again silently. Then read it aloud or ask someone to read it to you. Listen for (1) familiar words, (2) words that you hear in “bold print,” (3) words that puzzle you, (4) words that comfort you and give you hope.
Possibilities for reflection are these:
• robes you have washed that bear witness to your faithfulness,
• the thirst that you would like the water of life to quench,
• how the words you identified above lead you to make a change or changes in your life.

Come, Lord Jesus, come and pour your grace on me! Amen.

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