Both of these psalms, placed in a category called “enthronement psalms,” describe a pattern of worship that recognizes and honors God as the Lord, the Most High, the ruler of the whole world. The first psalm is full of kinesthetically glorifying God: clapping, shouting, singing, sounds of rams’ horns and trumpets. The second psalm focuses more on visual acclamations of God: clouds, consuming fire, melting mountains, lightning, moving figures, a holy throne. “God reigns!” is the inescapable theme. God is over all and loves all! God will prevail!
Perhaps you have attended a religious concert, joined a group in a multilingual worship service, walked in quietness among ancient tall trees, looked into the depths of a clear lake, or volunteered for a service project and experienced yourself celebrating God’s sovereignty. These experiences—and others—can create in you a deep well of love, joy, hope, and trust from which you may draw holy sustenance for yourself and others.
Turning the statements in these two psalms into wonderings can expand your experience of and walk with God. Possible wonderings might include the following:
• What is needed for me to become more righteous and just as God is righteous and just?
• How does God guard my life and rescue me from the wicked?
• What could it mean for me to claim more people as sister or brother?

Awesome God, I come to you, clapping and singing your praises. Raise me up and send me forth to witness to your amazing love. Amen.

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