Long before Jesus of Nazareth healed people with a touch, the God of David healed with a pull: “I will exalt you, Lord, because you pulled me up” (ceb). Pushing and pulling are a part of everyday life. We push grocery carts down the aisle. We pull a towel off a high shelf. Pushing and pulling can also indicate a struggle. We discipline children who push one another on the playground. We chastise the little boy who pulls the pigtails of a little girl sitting in front of him. In the wrong hands at the wrong time with the wrong motive, pushing and pulling can become dangerous. In the right hands at the right time with the right motive, pulling can save a life.
The hands of the Lord have pulled David out of his enemies’ reach and drawn him out of the grave. David cried out to God to save him. Now he celebrates the answer to his prayer in an assembly. God has saved him with a pull.
What would have happened if David had resisted the healing God offered? If someone is in a literal pit, and a hand reaches down, the person at the bottom of the pit has to reach back if he or she wants out. Rescue is much easier for the rescuer if the “rescuee” responds to the offer to be pulled out.
Pits and potholes litter our lives. We fall into some, and we create others. Sometimes it’s easier to set up residence in the ditches or to live “among those going down to the pit” (ceb). We’d rather live in misery than risk a struggle. We’d rather push than give in to God’s pull. Healing of our souls requires effort and endurance. But when God is the one pulling and bringing us up, a morning of joy awaits!

Today I will not resist the hands that are lifting me to new life.

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