The psalmist records a pilgrimage song in Psalm 126: a pilgrimage from desert and wilderness wandering to being a people restored by God’s grace who relish life-giving water. The journey from the darkest hours of the morning to the celebration of the harvest is a long one, requiring faith and strength.
The joy of the harvest comes when we step out of the night of darkness, move beyond ourselves, and begin to focus on others. We see and experience circumstances differently: a clearer path, a direction, a need, a response. We acknowledge that our seeds of faith are growing and taking root.
We grow stronger and then one day we realize it has been a pilgrimage, and it will continue to be a journey. The seedling has grown into a tall plant and bears fruit. There is a harvest that calls for celebration!
In this season of Lent, we sow the tears of crucifixion and death, yet we reap the joy of God’s work through the resurrection of Jesus. We recall God’s efforts on our behalf in the past and in the present and look forward to the future with joy. We are bearers of memory and hope.
And joy of joys, the plant of the harvest is a perennial that will grow and produce for many years. There will be many harvests, many celebrations. Our sorrow has turned into joy and celebration. Party on!

Rejoice and be glad, for eternal life in God’s kingdom belongs to those who run the race and dance when they stumble.

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