Discipleship Resources, International is a ministry of The United Methodist Church dedicated to providing church resources beyond the United States of America that are written by indigenous authors, addressing their particular ministry challenges, and providing the resources at prices that pastors and laypeople can afford.
Imagine the places in the world where a woman receives God’s word without a journal or computer to record them; a place where only the few who have memorized the church hymns can sing them because the hymns do not exist in print. Consider the places where entire congregations and swaths of countries sing hymns in a second or third language because the hymns have not been translated into their native languages.
God tells Jeremiah that God will put words in his mouth, words powerful enough to destroy and overthrow, powerful enough to build and to plant. And those very words have been recorded, printed, mass-produced, and sold so that we can read them, learn from them, be inspired by them. Read them today, set them aside, and pick them up again tomorrow to read and gain inspiration.
God placed words in Jeremiah’s mouth to call Israel back to the commandments and covenant made through Moses. And God continues to place words in the mouths of people around the globe. I have had the privilege of leading writing workshops where people record the words that live inside them in pen and ink for the first time, read them aloud, pass them around. And some, eventually, find their way into print. What a miracle of God’s grace that the word can enter the world one person at a time and reach thousands.

Writer of the world, thank you for your Word made flesh in Jesus Christ, for the preservation of your word in holy scripture. Amen.

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